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It's So Classic Book Tag


Anna and I got tagged by Hamlette to do this tag, originally from the website Rebellious Writing, but since I have read a few more classics than Anna, it's just gonna be me answering the questions. Enjoy πŸ˜ƒ

1. What is one classic that hasn't been made into a movie yet, but really needs to?
You know, as I was reading The Idiot, by Fyodor Dostoevsky, I kept on thinking of what each scene would look like if it were in a movie! It's been made a few times, technically, but never the whole entire thing. Never just the straight up story, ya know? I also think it would look really cool with modern day film quality and all. Very depressing, but also very aesthetically pleasing πŸ˜‰

2. What draws you to classics? 
Well, usually, if something has lasted over fifty years and is still well-loved and well-read, than it's probably pretty good. Not always, but usually. I like that almost everybody back in the day included God and actual moral standards in their stories, even if the characters (and maybe even the writers themselves) weren't exactly the pinnacles of good Christian behavior. Also, insults were just so classy back then (I say, right after I have spoken about having Christian behavior and moral standards...)!

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3. What is an underrated classic?
You know, I hate to say this, but I've never actually read an underrated classic. Pretty lame, isn't it? Although I do love The Hobbit, and I know it's a pretty popular book, but SOMEONE on the internet doesn't like it! πŸ˜‰ I know it's very different from The Lord of the Rings, but Tolkien did write it more for his young children than that other wonderful trilogy, so I think that explains the sometime lacking sense of seriousness. But honestly how could you NOT like a book that has a sentence like: 'Out leapt the King under the Mountain, and his companions followed him. Hood and cloak were gone; they were in shining armour, and red light leapt from their eyes. In the gloom the great dwarf gleamed like gold in a dying fire.' So epic! I also cry every time Thorin dies, so yeah. And there's so much beautiful poetry! I love that book! Anyway, onto the next question...

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4. What is one classic that you didn't expect to love, but ended up loving anyway?
So, Great Expectations has a wonderful atmosphere, and many great qualities (which I might just write about someday) but I did find it a little difficult to keep reading at some parts. It just got kind of convoluted at times. So when my friend told me to read 'A Tale of Two Cities' I was like 'Okay, for you, but it's probably gonna be kind of boring.' Boy, was I wrong! I really loved it guys, I really did! Sydney Carton is amazing! I know everyone knows that already, but I didn't! Not only was the story interesting and the characters wonderfully done, but it was actually quite engrossing. Like, I wanted to pick it up when I saw it lying on the table. Well done, Charles Dickens, well done.
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5. What are your most favorite and least favorite classics?
Most favorite: The Lord of the Rings, but that's actually three books, so we'll go with A Tale of Two Cities.... For now. Least favorite: I didn't finish Little Women when I read it, but I did read it awhile ago, so I won't make any judgments on it right now.

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6. Who is your favorite character from a classic?
Oooh, this is a hard one. I love almost everybody in The Lord of the Rings, but I think I'll go with Sydney Carton right now.

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7. What's a popular classic that you felt wasn't actually that great?
Um, again, Little Women. *ducks rotten eggs* Okay, okay, I actually have absolutely no idea if I would like that book if I read it now. Maybe I would, maybe I wouldn't.

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8. Who is your favorite classic author?
I love Charles Dickens, J.R.R. Tolkein, and does C.S. Lewis count as a classic author? 'Cause if so, then he's definitely on this list. I also really like Jack London's and Laura Ingalls Wilder's writing.

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9. In your opinion, what makes a classic a classic?
I think it has to be old, say at least fifty years, so as to rule out books that will not stand the test of time. And it has to be a particularly outstanding work of prose or poetry. It must leave you with a feeling that you have been touched in at least some small way.
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10. Relating to newer books, what attributes does a book need to have in order to be worth of the title "classic"?
Definitely what I just said. It may be popular now, but that doesn't mean in fifty years anybody's gonna know what the heck it is.

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Thanks so much for tagging Anna and me Hamlette! Um, I'm supposed to tag five people, but like our last tags, I don't want to tag someone who has already been tagged, so I'll just slip out of this one, if that's okay ;D

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Almost Angels (1962)

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Don't exactly LOVE this poster, but it has a cute picture of Peter in the back and the other poster had a random kid with a random black eye.
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See, I told you he has a black eye. What the heck?

I usually wait until I have watched a movie at least twice until I review it, but this movie was just so, I shudder to use the word, precious, (getting strong Gollum vibes here, but it was precious) that I had to post something about it right away! On Allison's Well, a very nifty blog I just found, Allison had a list of of ten Disney movies that time forgot, but shouldn't have. I'm not sure if that's a quote-on-quote quote, but close enough. On that list I found this wonderful little movie. And there you have the backstory. Now on to the review →→→

Tony Fiala can sing. He knows it, his mother knows it, and his father knows it, but his father doesn't want him to sing. He wants him to follow a useful career path, like following in his footsteps and learning how to operate a train. But Tony cannot be kept away from his dream of singing. Without the father's knowledge, Mrs. Fiala sets Tony up to audition for the Vienna Boys' Choir. With only two places left in the choir and eight boys auditioning, Tony manages to nail it. He is now a Vienna Boy.... Although he already was a Vienna boy, he is now a Vienna boy in a Choir.

Vincent Winter as Tony at the audition.
Although Mr. Fiala doesn't like it, he consents to let Tony stay on one condition: That he improve and retain his skills in arithmetic. The teachers at Vienna Boys Choir school assure Mr. Fiala that his son will receive regular schooling as well as his singing lessons. So with many a shout of joy, Tony is officially allowed to stay. Tony's a really sweet kid, and since he has a wonderful voice, he is quickly placed as the soloist. The previous soloist is getting a little too old for the really high notes, so it makes sense for him to be replaced. But do you think he takes it so graciously? Uh, no. The previous soloist (Peter's the name) doesn't take to poor little Tony at all. He tries a WIDE variety of tricks to get him in trouble. Like starting a huge pillow fight in the dorm and taking Tony's radio that was given to him as a gift and playing it loudly, which is forbidden. Or locking him in a room at the hospital so he won't be in time to sing his solo to the children there (in fact, this particular gag actually endangered Tony's life). And he's also just generally not very nice to Tony, but Tony doesn't really seem to notice. He kind of looks with awe upon Peter, as Peter is very knowledgeable in the way of music. He even composes his own music.

Sean Scully as Peter.
As the movie progresses we see not only a delightful, heartwarming, and often times funny, story of friendship and the love of music, but we are also allowed a glimpse of what life is like for a Vienna Choir Boy, at least what it was like in 1962. Will Peter and Tony become friends, or will Peter remain perpetually jealous of the adorable little boy who stole his spot of glory? Will Tony be allowed to stay with the Vienna Boys Choir, or will his father pull him out before he even has a chance to go on tour to such places as India, China, and Australia? If those questions don't sound alluring to you, don't worry, you'll still like this movie. I don't want to spoil the whole film for you, so I'm just gonna show you some pictures instead. SPOILER ALERT: My favorite character is Peter. He's such a good little actor and his eyes are just so expressive! And he doesn't remain a jerk forever, just so ya know. The music teacher's also pretty legit. And now for the pictures:

When you have a boys choir somebody's gotta make the sacrifice.
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Image result for almost angels 1962

Image result for almost angels 1962
If you watch the movie you'll see why both these kids look so depressed.
There's a bucket-load of good pictures on almostangels.org that I couldn't put on here because of copyright reasons, but you can hop on over to that website and see theme. Or even better, maybe watch the movie, eh?

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Our 5 Favorite Western TV Shows

In honor of the last day of this amazing blog party we decided to do a short post on our favorite western TV shows. Our '5' favorite, to be exact.
(This is in no particular order)

Bret & Bart Maverick, Jack Kelly and James Garner.  Always had trouble remember which was Bret and which was Bart!  :)1) Maverick

This show's got humor. This show's got heart. This show is amazing! (And it's also one of the only shows our mother sits and watches with us 😁)
Bart (left) and Bret (right) Maverick are two brothers who gamble instead of work for a living. This of course leads to them getting into a heck of a lot of trouble because nobody likes gamblers...For good reason...
But for real, how could you not like these boys? We have two words for you: 'Charm-Ing'! (No, we didn't go to school)
Besides Bart and Bret, the show has two other main characters, Beau and Brent (their cousins), who come in later seasons. However, we don't really consider them the stars of the show (but they are quite nice, in their own way).
Bart and Bret aren't your typical western TV show heroes. Let's just say, they aren't exactly law abiding citizens. Of course that does not mean they go around breaking the law all the time, but they do tend to be reluctant to fill in their 'Hero Shoes'.
But we love them anyway!

Another classic TV western, Γ’€˜LawmanΓ’€™ | News, Sports, Jobs - News and Sentinel2) Lawman

These three....They're such a family! Marshal Dan Troop, with the help of able and lovely Deputy Johnny McKay, is in charge of keeping law and order in 1880's Laramie, Wyoming. And let me tell you, with the townspeople's track record of being absolute jerks (with the exception of Lily Merrill (guy on the right. JK, lady in the middle) and never, EVER, helping when Dan needs them, it's a good thing he's so tough and... Tough! He's a sweetie too, though. And of course, from the very first episode, Marshal Troop has the ever-needed help of Deputy Johnny McKay. In the first episode Johnny is green. Very green. Buuuuutttt, he proves himself to the ever-skeptical Marshal when he *sniff* practically saves his life. He's wonderful.
And let's not forget Lily Merrill. Literally the only female character in a western t.v. show that is interesting and helpful. She's also really spunky and fun, especially when she's around Marshal Troop. *Wink, wink*😍😎😏
And we mustn't forget to mention that we watched all four seasons of this in about three weeks... And it only took us that long because we had to order the next seasons from the library! It's just a really good show, very entertaining, very heart-warming, and very awesome! So watch it!... If you want to, that is...

New Page 1 [tonygill.co.uk]3) Laramie

Ahhh, Laramie! So many fuzzy feelings. Most people don't understand just how wonderful this show is (namely our siblings) and it's quite difficult to explain. Just the whole family feeling you get when these four are together makes you want to smile and give them all a big bear hug! Let's talk characters. The two main characters are Slim Sherman(far left) and Jess Harper (middle left), who in the beginning don't hit it off very well. It was mostly Jess's fault, considering he trespassed and started teaching Slim's little brother Andy (far right) how to be a card shark...Anyway, Slim and Jess soon become the best of friends.
Andy and Jonesy (middle right) are the two secondary characters who unfortunately leave in the second season.

 The show is about the Sherman ranch that is also a relay station and that of course leads to a lot of mishaps and mayhem that our boys handle with aplomb!
The third season is not as good as the first two seasons (we haven't seen the fourth yet), but it still has good qualities. 

Connors and Crawford at 20th Century Fox Ranch (now known ...
4) The Rifleman

So, Irene writing alone here for a minute. This is my show. I've watched all five seasons and know most everything about it. Anna doesn't dislike it, but she doesn't feel a strong attachment to it either. Mr. McCain (most people call him Lucas, but I like calling him Mr. McCain) and his son Mark (he's my favorite character) live on a nice little ranch in New Mexico near the town of North Fork. Mr. McCain, though a kind and loving father, as well as a good Christian, is also a highly skilled user of his uniquely designed Winchester rifle. Hence his title of 'The Rifleman'. Let me tell you, Lucas McCain has chalked up more dead bodies that the United States Marines. What I love about this show is the unique relationship, not shown on any other television program that I know of, between a widowed father and his only child, and the way that Mark grows up through the five seasons. It's honestly really wonderful to watch. And let's not forget the humor and action, both of which are in full supply throughout the run of the entire show. The Rifleman does not slowly lose it's quality as the years go by. Rather, it remains golden and fresh all its too-short life!

The Virginian, Judge Garth, Trampas, Betsy, Randy, & Sheriff Ryker
Lorne Greene breaks up a spat between Pernell Roberts and Dan Blocker on Γ’€œBonanzaΓ’€...that's Michael Landon in mid-air. Article from November 7, 1959 TV GUIDE.5) The Virginian and Bonanza

Now we know what you're thinking. This is six instead of five and well, you're not wrong. The truth of the matter is, we couldn't decide which one we liked better! (Isn't that the worst?)
The Virginian is about a bunch of ranch hands who always get into trouble, and Bonanza is about a bunch of ranch hands who are brothers who always get into trouble. To be fair, Bonanza is actually about three brothers and their dad who own the ranch, but whatever.
You can probably see our conundrum.
We love The Virginian because it has 'The Virginian' (top photo, dark haired center) who is just a really great guy and it also has Ryker, who is probably one of our favorite characters of all time! (That might be an overstatement, but it also might not be) Not to mention it has a bunch of side characters that often get their chance to shine.
We love Bonanza because who wouldn't love a show about a bunch of brothers that get in fights all the time? Adam, the oldest, is the more academic and 'cultured' one; Hoss, the middle child, is a big teddy bear who is very, very strong; and Little Joe is, well, Little Joe. He tends to be too big for his britches. Last of all is their father. What's great about Bonanza is the fact that unlike other shows, it has a great father figure who is actually - big shocker here - not dead!
As you can see there really is no way to tell which show is better, so therefore we could not exclude one and leave in the other.
If you've learned anything from this blog post it should be that you just need to watch both The Virginian and Bonanza (only the first nine seasons). 😁

Our last post for the last day of Legends of Western Cinema Week. That week sure went by fast. It was a lot of fun. Thanks to all the ladies who hosted it. We sure had a swell time! See you later, God willin' and the creek don't rise!

TV Westerns | Age of Innocence

P. S. Irene also likes Tombstone Territory, but don't tell Anna she said that.

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Crossfire Trail (2001)



Crossfire Trail is an extremely overlooked western, especially considering it's a beautiful example of the genre. I had seen it once, when Mama brought it home from the library, but it obviously didn't strike a chord within me, or my family, considering the next time it was brought home nobody really remembered anything about it. Which was incredible, because the second time my family and I watched it we all agreed it was amazing! Not a huge fan of Tom Selleck here, but he does justice to what I think Louis L'Amour was looking for in his main character, Rafe Covington. Now onto the review...

Rafe Covington (Louis L'Amour was always good at thinking up eccentric names) promises his dying best friend that once he gets back to America (he's at sea at the time) he'll take care of this man's beloved wife and Wyoming ranch. Covington makes his way, along with an Irishman and a green kid, across America to this wonderful ranch without any trouble. But as any watcher or reader of Louis L'Amour stories knows, things aren't gonna go smoothly for long. When Rafe gets to his friend's ranch, he find that the local big-shot, Barkow, wants not only the beautiful ranch, rich with oil, but the widow who now owns the ranch as well. 

The disgusting antagonist Barkow on the left, and widow-woman Ann Rodney on the right.
Since Rafe Covington won't budge from his path if he knows he's in the right, Barkow, in his desperation, hires a professional killer with a sniper rifle in addition to his already large motley crew of no-goods. An epic battle ensues, involving Barkow and his cronies attempting to get Covington off the ranch, not caring if the methods they employ are less than ethical. You remember me mentioning an Irishman and a green kid earlier? Well, they're both amazing.

David O'Hara as Rock Mullaney...

And Christian Kane as J.T. Langston.

With the help of Mullaney and J.T., along with a random old guy, Rafe Covington manages to keep odds somewhat even... That is, for a Louis L'Amour creation. Minor Spoiler Alert: Time progresses, and we have Rafe and Ann falling in love amidst the war, somebody very wonderful dying (I am definitely not still crying over his death), and just a heck of a lot of good, western action and excitement going on. It all culminates into one epic showdown that takes place in town. I won't spoil exactly what happens, but let me just tell you it is VERY exciting! Besides the good western fun in this movie, some of the other thing I love about this film are the scenery...

The characters...

And I couldn't find it on Youtube, but from what I remember the music is pretty darn good too. So next time you feel the urge to watch a western, but you want it to have color and beautiful cinematography (nothing against black and white movies, just saying color is nice too and the cinematography in this movie IS amazing) and maybe a slightly modern feel to it, but nothing inappropriate (like, there are a few things you might not want to show your 6 year-old, but nothing terrible), dig yourself up this wonderful western and go and have yourself a doggone good time!


This has been Horseback to Byzantium's second post entry into The Legends of Western Cinema Week.

Been havin' lots of fun so far! Hope you have too!

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Legends of Western Cinema Tag

Here's our (Anna and Irene's) first post entry for the Legends of Western Cinema Week. Hope you enjoy it!

- Legends of Western Cinema Week Tag -

1) Do you tolerate, like, or love westerns?

A: LOVE WESTERNSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (duh)

2) What do you enjoy about them and, more broadly, the west itself (e.g. the history, accompanying paraphernalia, etc)?

A: They're sooo..........Beautiful! There is a nostalgic quality about westerns that makes you want to jump on a horse, round up some cattle, and then ride off into the sunset, saddle leather creaking with the smell of sage brush and manure dancing with the heat waves! Men were men. Somebody probably already said that, but it's worth repeating. Women were women too, but we don't really care about women. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL JK Anyway, everything about the old west was beautiful, and even westerns that we don't feel a deep adoration for still have a charm to them that no other genre can touch. Plus, cowboy clothes make even the most unattractive and repulsive men look at least half way decent. And if the man is good-lookin' to start with.....

3) What's the first western you can remember watching?

A: The Magnificent Seven. Been watching it since we were born. Well, maybe not the specific DAY, but pretty close.

4) Who are your favorite western stars, the ones whose presence in a western will make you pick it up off the shelf?

A: John Wayne and Alan Ladd. Yup, yup, yup.

5) What's your favorite performance by an actress in a western?

A: The Spanish lady in High Noon. Katy Jurado is the actress. She's one cool cat.

6) What is your "go-to" western, the one you'll typically reach for?

A: See answer 3.

7) Do your family/friends share your interest in westerns, or are you a lone ranger (pun completely intended)?

A: Pretty lonely. We're working on it. No friends and some of our siblings haven't seen the light yet.

8) Pick one western to live inside for a week, and explain why you chose it.

A: See answer 6. The country's beautiful (if a little hot), the people are beautiful (except Calvera)...everything's beautiful!

9) What are some of your favorite lines from western movies? Are there any you quote regularly?

A: "Wouldn't want to loose you children!" (John Wayne in Big Jake); "Want me to hold your hand?" (Dean Martin in Rio Bravo); "I'm partial to cold buttermilk." (Kim Darby in True Grit); "Hey Langston, ten o'clock!" (Kevin Costner in Silverado); "*Slaps knee* That's what I told 'im!" (Kevin Costner in Silverado); "*Sarcastic tone that Paden uses* You're kidding." (Kevin Kline in Silverado); and a good many more!

That was fun. Enjoyed it we hope you did! 😎

                                           - Anna and Irene

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Anna's Top Ten Favorite Actors

Since I have been slacking on posting regularly and I need to beat Irene, I have decided to post again today. I already told her I would post my 'Top Ten Favorite Actors' a while ago so I thought it was about time I did 😁 Keep in mind that many of my favorites are also Irene's favorites, and since she already wrote about them I'm not going to do it a second time.

(These are in no particular order)

1) Montgomery Clift 

Image result for montgomery clift red river I first saw Montgomery Clift in 'Red River' with John Wayne and to say I was enchanted would be an extreme understatement. The way he portrayed Matthew Garth put him on my list of favorite movie characters/favorite actors. His calm and collected personality (at least in movies. No idea what he was like in real life) made him perfect for the intense situations that he faces in both movies I've seen him in.
In 'Red River' one of my favorite scenes with him is when he meets a fancy gunslinger and soon-to-be new ranch hand named Cherry who thinks he's all that . Well, let's just say Matt proves that Cherry is NOT all that and that he, Matthew Garth, is...well...ALL THAT!
My second favorite scene from that movie is at the very end when John Wayne who plays Thomas Dunson (practically a father to Matthew who goes a little cray cray) and him get into a fist fight. But that's just because I love it when someone who needs a good socking finally gets one! There's really nothing more satisfying.
He also plays the main character (Father Logan) in 'I Confess' by Alfred Hitchcock and he expresses the amount of inner-turmoil perfectly! (Amazing movie by the way. If you haven't seen it, you should)
In short, Montgomery Clift is one of those quiet and chill people that steal my heart. Every. Single. Time. 😊

2) Jack Hogan
Image result for jack hogan

Now if any of you have ever seen the TV show "Combat!" (if you haven't then you'll never really live until you do) then you undoubtedly know this charming fellow. I've never really seen him play a main role in movies or anything, but he often showed up in other TV shows at the time as a guest star and also, obviously, played Pvt. William G. Kirby in "Combat!" (only one of the best shows EVER!), who just so happens to also be my favorite character. For those of you who started watching the show but stopped somewhere in the first season (Are there any? If there are, are you even human?), Kirby is not a total jerk through all five seasons. In fact, I think that's why I love him so much. At the beginning of season 1 no one likes Kirby, and I mean NO ONE. But as the show progresses you see him really develop into a good person. But, what makes Jack Hogan so amazing, is that he managed to still keep Kirby's feisty, complaining, and sometimes obnoxious personality, while somehow also being extremely endearing. That's talent! I never really liked the loud mouth obnoxious types (even the ones that aren't bad), but Jack Hogan managed to somehow break the mold for me.
Another thing I'm going to mention is that whenever he guest starred on another show he ALWAYS played a bad guy, so that made him look even MORE appealing in "Combat!" than he already was.😍

3) Kent McCord

Image result for kent mccord
Sooooo, since Irene already stole Martin Milner I thought I'd give a section to this guy, who really is just as near and dear to my heart as the cranky old cop himself! (In reference to Officer Pete Malloy played by Martin Milner in Adam-12)
Kent McCord played Officer Jim Reed in the show Adam-12. In the beginning of the show Jim is completely green, having just gotten out of University, and he is partnered with Pete who has had many years experience. Well obviously at the beginning of the show Jim is very nervous and well, cute, especially since Pete is leaning on the sarcastic side of things (don't get me wrong, I love Pete just as much) and it's sometimes hard for Jim to tell when his superior is being serious or not. Anyway, as the show progresses they become great buddies and as Jim starts to feel more comfortable around Pete you see a more joking side of him. While in the beginning of the show Jim never even dreamed of teasing Pete you often see him making jabs at him later on the show. The word I would use to describe Kent McCord in Adam-12 is 'adorable'. That's right, he is just an adorable person that you love to love!
Recently Irene showed me a Dragnet episode where he plays an Undercover Police Officer who is accused of a crime and just looking at him made me nervous! THE FEELS MAN!!! Literally the whole time I was just saying, "Jim! This is so unlike you!". That's when you know you have a good actor. 😎

Image result for peter lawford4) Peter Lawford

Peter Lawford. Ahhhhh yes, Peter Lawford! What a beautiful human being! I first saw Peter Lawford in 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' 1945 portraying the character David. Now to say I didn't really appreciate him would be a lie, because I truly did, but I did not realize just how much I appreciated him until I watched it for the third time with our friends. For some reason that time he just really stood out! His character has a major crush on the main girl Gladys who has a major crush on Dorian and if that's not putting it badly than I don't know what is! Anyway, Gladys refuses to marry him but being the good chap that he is David tries to convince her not to marry Dorian (he's a total creep). If I remember correctly he says, "Even if you're not going to marry me I won't let you marry him!". How unselfish is that? Really, he's just a beautiful person.
Anyway, later on I was watching 'The Longest Day' with the fam and this character showed up. A British soldier wearing a beret and knitted sweater and smoking a pipe. He seemed awfully familiar and as soon as he started talking I knew. Only one person has a voice like Peter Lawford, and that's Peter Lawford! Seriously, I could listen to him talk all day. His voice is just so sooooooooothing...Anyway, I also saw him in a clip from 'Good News' with June Allyson where they're singing the 'Varsity Drag' song and Irene did a spot on impersonation of him singing the first line 😎

Image result for Leslie Howard5) Leslie Howard

Now this eccentric man is definitely one of the most British people I have ever had the pleasure of watching on screen. I believe he's most well known for his role in 'Pygmalion' as well as Sir. Percy Blakeney in 'The Scarlet Pimpernel', but I love him most for his role as Professor Horatio Smith in 'Pimpernel Smith' which is a WW2 remake of 'The Scarlet Pimpernel'. He is the perfect quirky and forgetful Professor who always has to be reminded of things by his very trustworthy students *not*. I of course liked him in 'The Scarlet Pimpernel' too where he plays a rather vacant English Aristocrat who isn't really vacant and is actually helping the French Aristocrats escape the guillotine (sorry if that's a spoiler), but in 'Pimpernel Smith' his role as the Professor of Archaeology who takes a bunch of his students to Germany for a 'dig' is really the perfect match for him. I think it also has something to do with the fact that Leslie Howard actually directed the movie himself so he really got to choose exactly how he wanted the character portrayed. Professor Smith is probably one of my favorite movie characters.
Fun fact: His son Ronald Howard played Sherlock Holmes! (They looked so much alike!)

Image result for vic morrow6) Vic Morrow

VIC MORROW!!! That right there explains every feeling I have for him! Of course I know him for his role as Sgt. Saunders in "Combat!" but he isn't just Sgt. Saunders...He's so much more! (And by so much more I mean his character in the Bonanza episode 'The Avenger'). Of course I did not know him in real life but the vibe I get every time I watch him act is that he really is a very stoic and no-nonsense type, but still very lovable...obviously...
I remember in one particular "Combat!" episode everyone is in a terrible mood and he's all sunshine and rainbows (maybe it's because he was the only one who liked rain? Its a slim chance, but still) and every time I watch that scene I'm reminded of what a great guy Sgt. Saunders is! I mean, Vic Morrow would have to be great as well in order to portray such an astounding character, so let's not forget that.
In one episode his acting ability got me to cry (I believe that actually happened more than once...Yes...And I'm not ashamed of it!). It was called 'The Little Carousel' and there is a young French girl who is a Nurse and she makes friends with Sgt. Saunders. I'm not going to spoil anything in case you want to watch it, but if you have any kind of intelligence at all you probably already know what happens...
And last of all I just want to mention his great way of getting Lt. Hanley back in shape in 'Hills are for Heroes' because it was priceless! Absolute gold! πŸ’–πŸ’›

Faccia di Bronson 7 | Smoke \\\ | Pinterest | Charles bronson, Actor charles bronson and The ...7) Charles Bronson

One word. Legit. This guy is legit! Now I'm not just saying this. Every single time I see Charles Bronson in a movie or even TV show he is either my favorite character, or very near being my favorite character. Namely, 'The Magnificent Seven'. His role as Bernardo O'Reilly has always been my favorite, even as a little girl, and I don't think it's ever going to change. There's just something so endearing about a guy that kids are attracted to. Is it just me who thinks that? I don't think so! (I know so)
There is one moment in the movie that I remember particularly. (I say this pretending I haven't watched it over a hundred times). All the other guys are sitting around the table eating the yummy good that the Mexicans made for them and Bernardo comes in and tells them that the rest of the villagers are practically eating nothing. They of course then feel bad and end up giving all the food to the kids. I just really like that scene because it's the first real look at his character. Later on there's another scene where the town is having a big party and he's sitting alone whittling a whistle and when he blows into it a cute little Mexican girl turns around and looks at him with big brown eyes and he of course gives her the whistle. This is really just the setting for his later to be child attraction. Later on three boys become his biggest fans and it's the cutest thing ever.
While Charles Bronson's best role to me was Bernardo O'Reilly a couple honorable mentions are: Danny the Tunnel King from 'The Great Escape' and Joseph Wladislaw from 'The Dirty Dozen'.

Image result for viggo mortensen8) Viggo Mortensen 

Now pretty much everyone knows this wonderful fellow for his amazing role as Aragorn in 'The Lord of the Rings', but I grew up knowing him as (besides Aragorn of course. I mean, I was born knowing who Aragorn was. Aragorn is like a brother too me!...I wish...) Frank Hopkins from 'Hidalgo'. Yes, a cowboy! And also yes, he is actually blond...ish...
Anyway, if you are a true fan of Viggo Mortensen or The Lord of the Rings then you know that Viggo Mortensen really loves horses and during his time off from filming the most amazing trilogy ever, he would go ride his horse. He would even wear a cowboy hat! So seeing him in Hidalgo should not come as a great surprise.
My farthest memories of Viggo Mortensen are of Aragorn of course, but I don't think I ever really appreciated how well he portrayed him until I got older. We just recently started watching the movies over again (extended addition!) and I swear when he's talking with Gandalf about Frodo in the halls of Rohan while everyone else is partying, he looks like deep down he's going to burst into tears! I kid you not. Thinking about it now and watching it for probably the millionth time I see how sad and melancholic he is through all the movies (If you've read the books or seen the movies you know why too), but Viggo Mortensen really gave off that vibe without outwardly doing anything a regularly sad person would do! (Like cry, for instance) Also, he really does give the impression of a humble king...😁

Image result for edd byrnes9) Edd Byrnes 

Okay so this one technically isn't one of my 'top ten favorite actors' but Irene stole most of my favorites and I had to come up with others that I really like and although I've only seen Edd Byrnes in I think two things, both of which he was guest starring in a TV show, one of the characters he played really stood out to me. It was in an episode of Lawman and I don't remember what it's called or what season it was, but he plays a young gunslinger who is on the run and sort of 'hitchhikes' with this group of obvious undesirables. So while they're on their way they run into this guy who is trying to get a doctor from town because his wife is dying. Edd's character says to just let him go (my words at the time being, "Awwww, he's not bad") but the others (one of which is actually Jack Hogan. Hah, figures) like his boots and coat, so obviously they shoot him. Anyway, Edd Byrnes's character decides to leave them and goes back to the dead guys house and ends up bringing the sick wife into town for a doctor. He pretends to be her husband who's a homesteader because he doesn't want anyone to know he's a gunslinger and the wife is temporarily blind. So, in short, this shady gunslinger turns out to be a really nice guy who just has a lot of hard rock on top. What really stuck out to me was just the way he acted the part and how he walked around like a gunslinger would, rather than a homesteader.
Anyway, that was more of an episode review but I don't care! That will probably always be one of my favorite episode characters of all time. πŸ’“

 10) Bobby Crawford

Last but certainly not least, my favorite young actor that I'm putting on here partly because I like him and partly because I want to make Irene laugh! (Did it work?) Yes, Bobby Crawford is going on this list. Why, you may ask? Well, the real question is, why not?
I first found out about Bobby Crawford when Irene started watching 'The Rifleman' with Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford (Bobby Crawford's younger brother) and he showed up in an episode. All I remember really is Irene saying that the little kid who fights with Mark is actually his brother. Anyway, time went on and we started listening to Johnny Crawford music and low and behold Bobby Crawford sang with him! Somehow we found out that he also played Andy Sherman, the little brother of Slim Sherman, in the show Laramie and well, he was an adorable little kid and acted way better than I could (or can). He showed great personality on screen as a spunky little brother and even though no one would admit it, he was the real reason we started watching the show in the first place. (Don't get me wrong, we love the show Laramie, but we wouldn't of known about it if it weren't for him)
A while later Irene told me about this Combat episode she wanted to watch (very innocently) called 'A Silent Cry' and I, being the wonderful sister I am, complied. Well, we were watching it, everything was going smoothly, the plot was moving on, then, just when I thought nothing was going to change, out of the woods jumped an 18 year old Bobby Crawford! (At least I think he was 18. He looked 18) To say I was shocked would be an understatement. Irene of course knew about this and so we watched the episode together in total bliss!
What can I say except, I like the boy very much! 😊😊😊

Whelp, that concludes 'Anna's Top Ten Favorite Actors'! I hope you enjoyed my rambling.

                                    - Anna

Saw It In The Movies Tag

We were kindly tagged by the wonderful Hamlette's Solioquy to do this tag and I can proudly say that I am FINALLY doing it! (After Irene nagged me for over a month...Sorry...πŸ˜‡)

The rules:

  • Pick at least 3 things that you have done from a movie. It can be any movie, anything you did.
  • Tell how the event worked out.
  • Link back to the tag's creator and the person who tagged you.
  • Have fun.
  • Tag 4 people.
  • Use the header.'

Sooooo, the first thing that came to both Irene and my mind (minds?) when we were discussing things we actually tried to do, rather than just a line we use all the time (there are a ton!), we both thought of that scene from that episode in Happy Days where Fonzie's cousin breaks a world record for flipping coins off his elbow and catching them in his hand. After seeing that episode we naturally tried it and I managed to catch up to four quarters! (Really impressive, I know)

Short disclaimer, we actually don't watch Happy Days really but a while ago we watched a whole season and had a lot of fun with it. So yeah. (The theme song is AMAZING!)

The second thing we do a lot and waited months for the perfect opportunity is from 'The Great Escape' (only one of the greatest movies oooooon EARTH!). In the movie they're tunneling in the washroom and the German soldiers are coming to check up on them. A couple of guys who are from a different barracks have pre-meditated excuses for being there. Charles Bronson who plays Danny says he came to take a shower, James Coburn who plays Sedgwig says he's a 'lifeguard' (obviously very sarcastic but he can't get in trouble for it) and lastly John Leyton who plays Willie shrugs with the most innocent expression ever and says, "Mopping up!" in his perfectly adorable British way. Anyway, we waited forever until the perfect opportunity arose at soup kitchen. Someone had spilled something and I so graciously volunteered to mop it up. Irene then came into the kitchen, saw the once in a lifetime opportunity, and seized it saying, "What are you doing?". I of course then answered in a spot on John Leyton impersonation that I did not spend hours perfecting in front of a mirror, "Mopping up!"

"Mopping up!"

And last but certainly not least, comes the 'overreacting story'. At one point - quite some time ago now - Irene and I were talking about our sister that had done something and I said "The point is she's clearly overreacting!" and at that instance I knew that it had come from somewhere. Even the way I said it sparked some sort of remembrance but I just couldn't put my finger on it. Neither could Irene. So naturally all day we were torturing ourselves trying to figure out where it came from and finally, at around midnight, I remembered!

Image result for lord of the rings 'my point is, he is clearly overreacting'

Naturally I had to tell Irene but thankfully she too was awake so no heads were severed that dark night 😁

And there you have it, three things we did because we saw it in a movie! As a bonus I will add some lines we say WAY too often.

1) "Come on, we gotta help!" - Mulan
    Image result for mulan 'come on we gotta help' 1998

2) "Mr. Donovan, I gotta go." - The Apple Dumpling Gang
    Image result for the apple dumpling gang "mr. donovan I gotta go"

3) "Always make you mad, don't I John T.!" (You know, the way the girl says it) - Rio Bravo
    Image result for rio bravo 'john t'

4) Aaaaaaand pretty much anything 'Riley' from the National Treasure movies says.
   Image result for riley national treasure

Well that's all for today folks! You're suppose tag 4 people but the sad truth is we don't really know 4 people sooooo...yeah...😁 If you enjoyed the tag then you can go ahead and give it a try as well! Have a great rest of your day 😎😊

                - Anna